Workspeed (Service Requests)
Workspeed is our buildings site where you can place service requests and reserve building conference rooms.

If you would like access, please contact

As a reminder, for all after-hours emergency requests please contact  our 24-hour service line at 952-831-1001.

Engineering, Maintenance, and Janitorial Requests

Northland Center has two janitorial day staff, two engineers and a maintenance person.  These employees are on site Monday – Friday from 6:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Building Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday – 7:00 am – 3:00 pm (Only plaza doors open)
  • Sunday: Closed

Entrances to Northland Center are locked after normal building hours listed above. A building access card is required for after-hours access. Access card-readers are located at 1st Floor 3500 East, 1st Floor 3500 North, 1st Floor 3600 South, 1st Floor 3600 West, Lower Level 3600 South, Lower Level E Entrance leading into the Atrium next to Isabella’s.

After Hours Access

To gain access to the building after-hours and on non-business days, tenants must use the card readers located at 1st Floor 3500 East, 1st Floor 3500 North, 1st Floor 3600 South, 1st Floor 3600 West, Lower Level 3600 South and Lower Level East Entrance leading into the Atrium next to Isabella’s. Tenant employees should contact their office manager if they require after-hours access.

The 3600 building elevators are secured after normal building hours. To obtain access to floors 3-7, you must scan your building access card on the card reader in the elevator and then push the button to your floor. Elevators will always free flow to the first and second floors; no access card is needed. The stairwells in both buildings are locked after regular business hours.

Building temperatures are adjusted after normal building hours to minimize utility costs.  If you will be using working in your office or utilizing the  conference rooms after hours, please contact your employer as they will be able request additional usage through our Genea HVAC system.


The loading dock is located on the north side of the 3500 Building. This area may be used for deliveries and pick-ups only. Loading docks accommodate any size trucks up to 53-foot semi/tractor-trailer. All deliveries are to be made via the loading dock and the freight elevator. If you are expecting a delivery please contact property management at to schedule all after hour deliveries. Please advise all delivery personnel they should not be parking the NO PARKING zones when making any deliveries.

The 3600 building does not have a separate loading dock. All deliveries must come through the 3500 building which can be accessed on the concourse level connecting both buildings.

Building management requires a current compliant certificate of insurance on file for all contractors or vendors making on-site deliveries. Please find insurance requirements here. Please provide certificates of insurance to property management prior to deliveries.

For vendor/contractor information, contact property management at

General Office & Personal Safety

Personal Safety Tips from the Bloomington Police Department

Please remind your employees to lock up their valuables.  The thieves often enter a suite and if they are questioned, they may say they are looking for personnel or give a name and then say they must be in the wrong suite.

  • Please make sure that your staff is cautious about their personal belongings in the office. Personal items and laptops should be kept out of sight and locked up whenever possible.
  • Do not prop doors open and make sure that they close behind you when you enter/leave the building after-hours.
  • Report any defective locks or door hardware issues to property management at 952-893-8810 or
  • Do not hold doors open for individuals after-hours allow the door to fully secure as all individual’s entering after-hours should utilize their access card to gain access into the building.
  • Report any furniture lock issues to your furniture vendor.
  • If employees are going to be in the office after-hours, make sure they lock their suite doors behind them so no one can enter without proper authorization.

Advise your employees to be alert for any suspicious activity in the building.  If at any time, suspicious activity is noted, the police should be notified first by calling 911.  Then notify Property Management at 952-893-8810 or

Lost & Found

If you have lost an item please contact Property Management at 952-893-8810 or  All items are locked in our property management office (3500 building, suite 100).  We keep all items for up to 30 days.

Security Personnel

In the event of an emergency or suspicious activity please contact 9-1-1 and then contact Property Management at 952-893-8810.

If you are in need of new or additional access cards please contact

Northland Center security team is led by Laurie Simmons, Manager Property Protection. Laurie is responsible for overseeing the on-site guards for 16 locations along with patrol services for 35 locations across the Twin Cities. She’s currently responsible for the programming and administration of four different access control systems, administrates over 20,000 access cards in approximately 45 locations across the Twin Cities. She also conducts security audits and assists managers in reviewing their security and life safety processes by completing security reviews along with completing RFP’s for larger scale projects. A significant component of Laurie’s role is her personalized working relationship with the property managers, engineers, and most importantly our tenant contacts on a daily basis.

Laurie joined ASIS International in 2002. She earned and has been designated as a Physical Security Professional (PSP) by ASIS International in 2005. She earned and has been designated as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by ASIS International in 2008. She earned a Certificate in Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment System Law Enforcement Practitioner in August 2014. Laurie achieved the Behavior Detection Indicator Assessment Instructor Certification powered by the SIRA System in December 2014.

Laurie is currently serving as a Regional Vice President (RVP) for Regioinal2B for ASIS International overseeing chapters in Minnesota and Wisconsin, is a member of the Awards Committee for ASIS International, and is the Vice Chair of the Commercial Real Estate Council where she moderated a webinar in Workplace Violence in 2014.

She can be reached at (952) 820-8761 or


Solicitation is not permitted in the building.  If someone is soliciting in the building, on your floor or in your suite, please notify Property Management at 952-893-8810 or and we will have them escorted from the premises.